plain lower case – Would not recommend it at all.

bold lower case – Pretty good. I enjoyed some parts of the film

PLAIN UPPER CASE – I liked the film!

BOLD UPPER CASE – I would totally recommend it.

BOLD UPPER CASE* – Top 10 in my list. A definitely must-watch for me.


EARTHLINGS* – The best part for me: The crude reality of animal treatment in different industries. WARNING: It contains explicit footage of deaths and mistreatment to animals.

UNITY – The best part for me: Second part of Earthlings documentary. The vision of the Earth as a brotherhood of all living beings.

COWSPIRACY* – The best part for me: The reaction of CEO’s of save-the-world/nature organizations when they are asked about cattle contamination.

THE GARBAGE WARRIOR – The best part for me: The confidence of Mike in his project; how he stands up after each stumbling block the law puts in his path until finally succeeding after several years of fighting.

TRUE COST* – The best part for me: Shows the real price of our cheap clothes. A must-see if concerned about sustainable and fair trade fashion.

888 Paris – The best part for me: We can see the REAL hitchhiking. It is a great way of transportation, but it can also be so hard and dark sometimes. It allows us to weigh the pros and the cons of it. (LINK TO THE DOCUMENTARY: https://vimeo.com/16712683)

THRIVE WITH LESS* – The best part for me: Excellent minimalism project/experiment of these six young guys. How they capture the daily reflections that bloom from this experience. I also loved the building blocks they decided for their challenge. (LINK TO THE DOCUMENTARY: https://vimeo.com/43166736)

an inconvenient truth (Al Gore) – The best part for me: Good arguments defending global warming.

vegucated – The best part for me: No best part, I am sorry. I had to quit it when I saw the experiment guys celebrating that some hyper-processed-full-of-sugar cereals and oreos were vegan. That’s the attitude towards veganism folks!

THE HUMAN FOOTPRINT – The best part for me: Mixing opera with waste and overconsumption during a human lifetime.

FOUR HORSEMEN – The best part for me: Eye-opening documentary about current global situation in different issues: Economical, Resources, Terrorism… Resources part was the one I enjoyed the most.

surviving process – The best part for me: Seeing that volunteers around the world are putting so much effort in saving nature, ie. Amazon’s rainforest. Also the final consideration as the Internet being a planetary brain that is connecting all of us to find global solutions.

NO IMPACT MAN – The best part for me: Demonstrating that a family can live a completely sustainable life for a year if they believe in it.


tracks The best part for me: Some of the quotes along the film. Wise advices from a courageous woman (SOME OF THEM INSIDE: https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/44844.Robyn_Davidson)

INCEPTION* – The best part for me: The van falling during 45 minutes of the film.

TODAY’S SPECIAL – The best part for me: How the old man understands the art of cooking.

NO RESERVATIONS – The best part for me: Aaron Eckhart singing opera while cooking at the restaurant.

MATRIX* – The best part for me: The metaphor of our society in each second of each scene.

fight club – The best part for me: When Brad Pitt burns the hand of the other guy or when provokes the car accident, then asking: “Is this what you feared all the time?”. Wise life messages in some scenes of the film.

THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES – The best part for me: The boldness of Che and the complicity between Alberto and him.

INTO THE WILD* – The best part for me: It makes you question the way you see life, what you are standing for in your daily basis.

WILD – The best part for me: Showing the real and not that perfect and dream-like part of travelling.

THE ART OF TRAVEL – The best part for me: A quote that remained in my mind: “The art of travel is in the ability to deviate from one’s path”.

LIFE OF BRIAN – The best part for me: Hilarious parody of Jesus life. Each scene is a comedy masterpiece.

I ORIGINS* – The best part for me: I don’t know why, but it touched some part of my inside self in some way. It reminds me of the power of a single look, how eyes can say things that words can’t.

AVATAR* – The best part for me: The connection with nature that natives have with their world.

FURY – The best part for me: Helped me get an idea of the real personal challenges and feelings that a soldier may have during a war. Very realistic, the emotions get across to the spectator tremendously well.

looper – The best part for me: The game with time and how our acts in the present determine our future and the one of those around us.

THE ILLUSIONIST – The best part for me: Watched it a long time ago. I can only remember that I liked it a lot at that time.

THE LAST SAMURAI – The best part for me: The samurai’s philosophy, respect, commitment.

THE GODFATHER – The best part for me: Seeing through the doorknob the reality of the Mafia years.

WHATEVER WORKS – The best part for me: The monologue of the old man about a lot of things that we think about, but nobody’s has the courage to express that freely.



SHUTTER ISLAND* – The best part for me: The last scene of the film, especially the last sentence.

MEMENTO* – The best part for me: The two Easter Eggs that Nolan leaves during the film. With less than 5 seconds each, he gives a total twist to the possible interpretations we could have made until then. Also, the flashback way of telling the story. Brilliant.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL* – The best part for me: What a father can be able to do for his son.

INTERSTELLAR – The best part for me: The power of believing in our gut feelings.

primer – The best part for me: Any… I couldn’t even finish it. Could stand only until first half of it.

The game – The best part for me: How the director keeps the mystery of what’s really happening until the end of the film.

ON THE ROAD – The best part for me: The wilderness, recklessness, craziness of the principal characters.

requiem for a dream – The best part for me: Being able to see the effect of drugs in human behaviour.

AMÉLIE* – The best part for me: A masterpiece. I tremendously enjoyed every second of the film. I loved the little details and the way the story is told. Excellent.

green fried tomatoes – The best part for me: The positive and active attitude of the young blonde girl who lives doing what she loves.

ex machina – The best part for me: How far can Artificial Intelligence get.

LION – The best part for me: The power of believing in one’s life purpose.

PS. I LOVE YOU – The best part for me: The love shown by Jerry to his woman in different little situations and deeds.